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CCTV For Retail Stores

The retail industry loses billions of dollars per year to employee theft and shoplifting. Investing in IP video surveillance cameras as a solution to your security needs provides numerous long-term benefits such as reduced retail shrinkage, maximized store profits, lowered insurance rates, and ultimately a decrease in the number of theft cases. Security cameras also help instill a safer, more inviting store environment for patrons.

The National Retail Association  estimates that Shoplifting and Employee Theft amounted to about US$61 Billions in 2019. It is better explained in their blog "Retail shrink totaled $61.7 B in 2019 amid rising employee theft and shoplifting/ORC"

With the number of technologies available on IP cameras today, it’s important to determine the exact security needs of your retail store. We offer a variety of cost effective High Definition Security-Cameras so that you don't have to go over budget while maximizing the security of your store.

Will you need indoor and outdoor cameras for your retail security system? What are your store’s weak spots? Are there any poorly lit sections of your shop? Is there an aisle or section that is harder to see than other areas of your store? These are just some of the questions to consider when shopping for a new retail security system. And here at us, you don’t have to be worried much, we already provide you with the best solution of all.

Our Video Analytics Collection offer you many alternatives to enhance your security system and get powerful data to help me make better operation decisions.

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Some of the common crimes happen at retail stores

·        Flash Rob Theft

Flash robs, a relatively new class of theft, is becoming a major problem in metropolitan cities. Working its way into a different city every day, flash rob theft is typically committed by a large group of adolescents or young adults who raid a store to steal items, all the while throwing and breaking products, yelling or making threatening statements, and posing extreme danger to the staff and customers. Store owners should never intervene or try to use physical force in these often violent robberies, but having our retail security cameras recording the incident will help law enforcement identify the participants.

·        Employee Theft

 Despite exhaustive background checks and interviews, no employer can ever be 100% certain that an employee won’t steal. Playing back recorded video on your retail security cameras makes it possible to spot cases of employee theft so you can terminate that person immediately, press charges, and recover losses.

·        Shoplifting

Shoplifting is enough reason to set up your retail security system now. Veteran shoplifters can be difficult to catch by loss prevention officers. Installing retail CCTV cameras instead of hiring expensive security officers saves you thousands of dollars per year and is considered one of the most effective methods for apprehending shoplifters.

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Some of the places where u can install HD CCTV cameras in your retail stores

·        Entrances and Exits 

Mount your retail security cameras directly above or near your store’s entrance(s) and exit(s) to monitor the flow of customers and employees. This location provides a clear view of each person coming in and out your storefront. With high quality IP video, you can recognize and identify faces to save as evidence if needed.

·        Warehouse

Thieves will often seek out store warehouses to steal inventory and/or cargo. Security cameras should be mounted up on beams, drop ceilings, or main ceilings to oversee the inventory.

·        Sales Floor

Always outfit your sales floor with at least one security camera. Depending on the size of your business, you may need a considerable number of security cameras to cover the space. Poorly lit aisles or areas that are difficult to see should also be monitored by cameras. Shoplifters tend to migrate towards store locations that lack sufficient customer service or have less visibility.

·        Parking Lot

If your store has its own parking lot, consider investing in a video surveillance system to cover this specific area. Vehicle break-ins are common in store parking lots for employees and customers. Installing network video cameras in your parking lot makes license plate recognition possible, which is tremendously helpful in cases where a perpetrator has fled the scene in his or her vehicle.

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Let’s face it, you and your employees can’t be everywhere at all times.  Shoplifters bank on this fact and use it to their advantage in skillful, almost scary ways.  At our shop, oftentimes our customers come to us with serious retail loss and require special CCTV cameras that are both hidden and visible to their customers. 
Wireless-remote recording devices of ours can solve issues you might have over two many aisle, too few employees; our video camera systems (both hidden and visible) can solve issues over product loss in areas of your store where it is hard to consistently monitor.  After all, you can’t follow every customer around the store, but hey wait! Our installed CCTV cameras in your retail stores can!!!

Let us provide you with  a security camera system solution uniquely designed for your retail store (with its unique architecture, layout, corners and tricky lighting situations).  

After consulting with our security specialists, designed specifically for your retail store, our cameras focus on those nooks and corners, those little blind or “hidden spots” that are just far too tempting for our shoplifting friends, and too difficult to monitor with the naked eye or a busy employee. 

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Our CCTV cameras allow you to make it clear that your business is under close scrutiny, under the eyes and ears of your managers.  Your employees, too, will benefit from these “extra pair of eyes,” and you will surely rest at night knowing who is doing what in your business.

Let us be the silent partner in your security and warn shoplifters (even employees not so honest with your hard-earned profit) that your store is safe, monitored, and utterly secure.

And if you have special needs and concern, our goal is to find the solutions and bring them to life in the quickest, most efficient and effective manner possible.

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